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Fountain of Eternal Memories

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During this Easter season, as we reflect upon Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, we invite you to experience expressions of eternal hope we have in Him amongst a truly inspirational Memorial Park setting.

Our vast collection of world famous sculpture and majestic monuments highlighting the Christian faith is particularly inviting when surrounded by our breathtaking annual display of over 30,000 tulips from 30 different varieties.


White Chapel Memorial Park

White Chapel is a place that upholds all of the traditions associated with a cemetery, while moving beyond them to create new ones. We’re constantly at work to provide a beautiful, inviting environment teeming with life, hope and the sense of connection that makes all of our lives more fulfilling.

We do this with a park that absolutely exhilarates and energizes those who stroll through it. With events designed to honor the departed while inspiring the living. With acclaimed architecture and renowned statuary. Most important of all, we do this by constantly striving to offer a place at which people genuinely want to congregate.

We believe this is what our loved ones deserve: A place that invites people to come and celebrate the time they have shared together, by continuing to share time together.

A place where memory lives in beauty - in every sense of the word.

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