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White Chapel Tulip Photography contest

Congratulations to our 2014 Tulip Festival Photo Contest winners!

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1st Prize:
Winfred Robinson

of Oak Park, Michigan, for his photo entitled, "DSC_00881"

Judges' Description - This image demonstrates a wonderful use of deep depth-of- field … showing a sharp image from close to the camera all the way to the distant memorial statue. The composition of the tulips and trees seemingly bending in toward the sun is indicative of a longing for the warmth of Spring after one of the harshest winters in memory. The lighting on tulips makes them seem positively translucent.

1st prize: $500 VISA gift card & $500 White Chapel credit voucher

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2nd Prize:
Michael Bodner
of Troy, Michigan, for his photo entitled, "SpringAfternoon"

Judges' Description - A wonderful expression of "spring bursting forth" after such a brutally harsh Winter … the flowers seem to be like an enthusiastic crowd, cheering the abundant tree blossoms that are following the tulips' lead into Spring as they open like a batch of popcorn.

2nd prize: $200 VISA gift card & $200 White Chapel credit voucher

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3rd Prize:

Donna Gibb
of Royal Oak, Michigan, for her photo entitled, "DSC_0066"

Judges' Description - Spring tulips and a Spring color pallet whispers to our eyes … "Big bad Winter is over, come revel in our gentle beauty."
Well seen, and wonderfully processed.

Third Prize: $100 VISA gift card & $100 White Chapel credit voucher

Thanks to all for making our Tulip Photo Contest such a success!

Our Tulip Gallery is now filled with stunning photos of the White Chapel Memorial Park grounds and tulip gardens. You will still be able to share your favorite photos with your Facebook friends by clicking the "Like" or "Share" buttons below the photos!

Even though the contest is over, you will still be able to add more photos to our Tulips Gallery (photos must be taken at White Chapel Memorial Park and contain tulips, please). We hope that the beauty of our grounds and gardens will continue to be enjoyed after the contest and throughout the year.

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