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Tulip Festival &
Photography Contest

Valuable 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes plus the SELFIE PRIZE will be awarded!

Our 2021 Tulip Festival Photo Contest begins on
April 26th, 2021
And ends on May 23th, 2021.

Learn more about the Tulip Festival Photography Contest

The tulips are blooming!
Bring your family and enjoy the beauty of our park gardens. Be sure to follow CDC mask and social distancing recommendations!

Visit our Tulip Gallery

Submit your contest photos!

Why Selfies? WHY SELFIES?

The Metropolitan Detroit community has been participating in White Chapel's Tulip Festival Photo Contest for the past six years. Amateur and professional photographers have entered hundreds of beautiful images, many including people, families and even pets. Hundreds of thousands have viewed the image galleries and voted for their favorite pictures.

We are grateful that so many visitors feel comfortable enjoying the beauty, space and tranquility that White Chapel offers, especially when the tulips are in full bloom. And we'd like to make this special experience even more accessible and inviting to the community.

So in 2016 we added a Selfie prize on top of our usual prize category, to enable the participation of more amateur shutter-bugs and people who may not own a hand-held camera.

We hope you enjoy this year's Tulip Festival Photo Contest!

Visit our Tulip Gallery

While public events are cancelled, White Chapel remains open to the public.

Our highly trained staff members are continuing all services, including interments, entombments and cremations, with the highest levels of professionalism, safety and respect. Our pre-planning and arrangement experts are ready to help you and can answer any questions you may have. Call us at (248) 362-7670.

In trying times like these, many of us find peace, comfort and solace by visiting and communing with our departed loved ones. For them and for anyone who simply needs a quiet walk in the sunshine, White Chapel has also committed to keeping our normal park hours.

For everyone's safety and comfort, when you visit please follow the CDC's guidelines for social distancing (about 6 feet of clearance) and all applicable state and local government health orders.

White Chapel Memorial Park

White Chapel is a place that upholds all of the traditions associated with a cemetery, while moving beyond them to create new ones. We’re constantly at work to provide a beautiful, inviting environment teeming with life, hope and the sense of connection that makes all of our lives more fulfilling.

We do this with a park that absolutely exhilarates and energizes those who stroll through it. With events designed to honor the departed while inspiring the living. With acclaimed architecture and renowned statuary. Most important of all, we do this by constantly striving to offer a place at which people genuinely want to congregate.

We believe this is what our loved ones deserve: A place that invites people to come and celebrate the time they have shared together, by continuing to share time together.

A place where memory lives in beauty - in every sense of the word.

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