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Today, many people are choosing cremation for a variety of reasons. White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery, from its very beginning, has served those who choose cremation with dignity and respect, and provides a wide array of options for families to permanently memorialize and inter their loved one after cremation at White Chapel.

Although it may not be apparent to us all, there is good reason behind the longhonored tradition of visiting the final resting place of family and close friends. Psychologists are aware of the importance of establishing a permanent memorial site as it provides a focal point for our grief, without which the trauma of bereavement may be prolonged to a potentially damaging extent.

There is a somewhat common misconception about cremation that suggests it is not conducive to a permanent memorial, or that it limits one’s choices. However, both are far from the truth. Cremation allows for many memorialization options, and as it gains in popularity, new doors are opened to those who choose this route.

Cremation has gained in acceptance and popularity in recent decades. Since 1973, the number of cremations in North America has more than tripled. Now, there is a host of choices of where to place cremated remains to establish a memorial location. A niche in a columbarium is a traditional option. Placing one’s ashes in the burial site of a loved one - even if they have not chosen cremation themselves has gained in popularity. Today, it is common for cemeteries to offer beautiful gardens, indoor and outdoor mausoleums and columbarium units where ashes may be interred forever and provide a permanent place to personalize the memorialization with their name, a poetic saying, a cameo portrait and a flower vase for loved ones to visit and remember.

The point is, cremation does allow one to establish and even personalize a permanent memorial. And memorialization in a cemetery is a logical choice. While there is something undeniably poetic about having one’s ashes strewn across a favorite pond or tract of wilderness, there may be inherent problems in choosing such a place as a memorial site. One must think hard about what this means to their descendants. Should they care to visit the site, can they do so easily, conveniently, without a great expenditure of time and/or money? Can they do this whenever they want to or, more importantly, feel a need to? And while this site may be accessible to them now, can you rest assured that it will not be developed for other uses or closed to the public in the future?

White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery has a wide range of cremation options to choose from.

The Temple of Memories Mausoleum

Single and companion cremation niches are available with bronze, granite and glass fronts in this one of a kind world-renowned mausoleum.

The Fountain of Eternal Memories Mausoleum.

Those choosing cremation may choose from a number of cremation niches, all nestled around the fountain and garden vista, as well as each side of the structure itself.

Guardian Angel Companion Niche Columbarium

The Guardian Angel Companion Niche Columbarium is two beautiful columbaria with an angel sitting atop each one. This exquisite columbarium allows couples to be inurned together forever. A bronze inscription plate, inscription, urns and vase are included when selecting a companion niche in the Guardian Angel Companion Niche Columbarium.

Garden of Peace Companion Niche Columbarium

The Garden of Peace Companion Niche Columbarium is a small beautiful columbarium. On top of the columbarium stands a woman holding a dove while other doves fly around the earth at her feet. The columbarium allows couples to be inurned together forever.

Park Gardens

Our beautiful botanical park gardens are also available for our cremation customers. There are a plethora of different gardens to choose from, each with distinctive views or distinctive art sculptures.

White Chapel Crematorium

Housed within our renowned Temple of Memories, White Chapel’s crematorium is unrivaled anywhere for its dignity and appointments. While many independent crematories perform their service in warehouses or commercial and industrial sites, you can rest assured that White Chapel’s cremation service is performed on-site in an environment of care, respect and expertise, as it has been for over 75 years. Following cremation, we offer a wide selection of interment and memorialization options, which we would be glad to explain to you.

Please contact us for more information about cremation services, options and memorialization.


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