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White Chapel Tulip Photography contest

Congratulations to our
2019 Tulip Festival Photo
Contest winners!

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1st Prize:
Lakeesha Morrison - Royal Oak

Here is the pent up anticipation of Spring! A well done photo that captures the decisive moment when the child's expression says it all and a colorful explosion of red Tulips propels him forward. Image: DS0I6333.jpg

1st prize: $500 gift card (such as MasterCard gift card)

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2nd Prize:
Amanda Rawlings - West Bloomfield
This image is beautiful, pure and simple. The youthful promise of Spring personified. Excellent composition, superb control of Depth-of-Field to create a soft gentle background, with muted pastel tones in contrast to shocking pink Tulips as a chorus of exuberant color. Image: WhiteChapel.jpg

2nd prize: $200 gift card (such as MasterCard gift card)

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3rd Prize:
Carolyn Blohm - Sterling Heights
This image has all the feeling of "I can't wait to express my joy after all those Winter months in hiding''. It captures the emerging beauty of Spring with a dramatic angle of the bold red Tulip reaching upward toward the Sun's long awaited warmth.Image: IMG_ 4280.jpg

3rd prize: $100 gift card (such as MasterCard gift card)

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Selfie Prize:
Enna Castro - Troy
It is impossible to view this image without a smile spreading across your face. A stolen kiss on the cheek that itself is a little celebration of life's promise. It's a welcome renewal each year as the Tulips announce the banishment of Winter.Image: Love is in the air.jpeg

$200 app gift card (such as Apple Store or Google Play gift card)

Thanks to all for making our Tulip Photo Contest such a success!


Our Tulip Gallery is now filled with stunning photos of the White Chapel Memorial Park grounds and tulip gardens, as well as fabulous Selfies taken by our contestants. Click to enlarge your favorite photos! You will still be able to share them with your Social Media friends by clicking the button below the enlarged photos!

Even though the contest is over, you will still be able to add more photos to our Tulips and Selfies Galleries (photos must be taken at White Chapel Memorial Park, please). We hope that the beauty of our grounds and gardens will continue to be enjoyed after the contest and throughout the year.

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